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The Great Gift and Paper Co. Ordering  Information and Policies

First off, we hope that you love all the items that have been selected at The Great  Gift and Paper Co. as much as we do.  Countless research hours have been spent and travel hours logged to bring you the best the USA has to offer.  With that said, let’s get you some information on the nitty gritty of the business of doing business with us:


Made in the USA Policy:The Great Gift and Paper Co.  is a lifestyle boutique with a twist:  we are dedicated to bringing products to you that are made in the USA.  But, certainly, we are not trying to tip the global economy off its axis;  With that said, please note that we can not control where pieces and parts of products come from.  It is our policy to use only manufacturers who "touch" the product in some way--but not to just unload it off of a boat. For example, beads for jewelry may come from Milan, Italy or the salt in an exfoliating scrub may be Dead Sea Salt--of course, that is coming from the Dead Sea; We are ok with that. Isolationism isn't the answer. Please note that our products come from companies and not casual crafters.  The companies that manufacturer the products on our site have the means to grow and to add jobs.  With that said,  if you are a Made in the USA manufacturer and feel that your product is a good fit for our site and exceptional in its category,  please contact us via email at  We reserve the right to decline any products that do not meet our qualifications and standards for the site.


Shopping Cart:

Our shopping cart technology is a very reliable and safe system.  With just a click, items will be added to your shopping cart and shipping costs will be calculated for your order items automatically.  Occasionally, For You From Sam will offer specials, promotions, or coupon codes (follow us on twitter, facebook, and our blog to receive said special offers), please enter those in the appropriate section at checkout.  Also, we do offer gift wrap ( classic, eco-responsible gift wrap, I might add.  Please see gift wrap section for details), so you will be asked if any items need to be gift wrapped.  Please keep in mind that some items are not available for gift wrap—you will be notified if that is the case.


Phone Orders or Questions:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just really want to talk to a human being.  All this technology is awesome, but get me someone on the phone, please!  No problem.   Please feel free to contact us at 614. 917.7742 between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST. Monday through Friday.  In fact, if it's easier and less disruptive, feel free to text us! We would be happy to address any concerns you may have. I can’t help you find out if your boyfriend is cheating or why your dog suddenly won’t stop barking, but I can sure help with additional information about any products on For You From Sam,  or offer some great suggestions on gift ideas.  Feel free to call--just remember though, my name is Chris, not Sam.  If we are busy helping other customers, please leave a message and someone will be back in touch as soon as possible.


Privacy Policy: 

It is very important to us that you are confident that shopping our site  will not only provide you with  high-quality items, but that your shopping experience is totally secure.  We will never share, rent, or sell any of your information at any time. Our SSL connections are secure and protected. So, please shop with confidence!


To Register or Not to Register:

Have no fear, registering really does make your online shopping experience even more pleasant and is totally safe(see privacy policy above).  Whenever you shop at The Great Gift and Paper Co., your pertinent information, like address and phone numbers, will be stored so that you won’t have to type all of that information in every time—if you register. Plus, you can store multiple addresses—you know,  your mom’s address, and your b.f.f. and your sister especially since all of our little luxuries are perfect for sharing.  Those will be right there at checkout. And you can edit them at any time.    It doesn’t get much easier than that for gift giving.  Registering also allows you to check the status of your order, check your order history and create a wish list.  Pass said wish list on to your significant other—trust me, you will get what you want and he will be thrilled.  Or you could take a chance and end up putting the vacuum cleaner that you get instead in the closet.


Discounts, Coupons, or Sales:

Sometimes, we will offer discounts or coupons to our FB fans or blog followers.  What a great reason to read it, right?  That’s the good news.  The bad is that we can’t make price adjustments on previous orders, nor can we discount gift certificates.  And wouldn’t the world be wonderful if we could combine

them all for one massive discount? But, we can’t.  You can be confident, though, that we are offering the best possible price for the products being offered.  In fact, some lines/vendors do not allow discounting of their products.  You will be notified of that in the actual offer.


Custom Orders:

With personalized items being some of our most popular gift-giving ideas, we created a policy on cancelling those orders to be sure everyone stays happy.  We want you to be sure of every gift you give from For You From Sam, so we offer a 1 day cancellation policy on custom orders.  With that said, it does add an additional day to processing the order, but also gives you the cushion to change your mind if you need.  We hope you don’t, but sometimes it happens.  Just contact us immediately if you change your mind.  As you can imagine, anything that requires personalization with name or monogram is considered to be a custom order and is non-refundable and non-returnable.   As well, items such as jewelry that is made to order is also considered a custom order.


Your Package Is On The Way:

Getting a package in the mail or pulling up the drive to see the box on the doorstep is so fun to me and I am going to assume for you, too.  So, we will process your order and ship it out within 2 to 3 business

days for items that are in stock and do not require customization or personalization.  Orders placed on the weekend will be processed on the following business day and shipped as soon as possible after that.  Please keep in mind that the carrier (UPS and USPS) is responsible for the transit time.  As much as we would like for delivery to be as instantaneous as placing the order, it doesn’t work like that.  Please allow for travel time from origin to destination.  And remember that the busy times of year slow down the carriers.  Please order accordingly.  Shipping costs are determined by the weight of the items purchased, the method of shipping, and how far those note cards, lotions, or earrings are traveling.  P.O. boxes can not be used as an address for UPS.  Please provide an alternate address.  Also,  once your order is given to the shipping carrier, they then assume responsibility for your items.  UPS has a standard insurance of $100.00.  Please contact us if you would like to increase the amount of the insurance or would like to add insurance to USPS order.



Should your package arrive and you find that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please send an email to us at and we will assist you with your return or exchange.  Please understand that we can not control color variations from one computer to the next, so there may be a slight variation in the color you receive and the color you thought the item was.  With the web site designers, we have made every effort to best represent the products as near to the original as possible.  Our current policy is to allow a return within 30 days of the purchase date.  We will gladly provide an exchange or store credit for the complete purchase price for any unused and unopened merchandise.  At this time, we do not provide refunds or cash back.  We also reserve the right to determine if the item has been used or returned in less than new condition and to decline any return should this be the case.  Please return the items in their original, unused condition.  Original shipping charges are non-refundable.  Just as the product is insured to you, please be sure to be safe rather than sorry and insurance the package/products back to us.

The following items are non-returnable:  all  jewelry, personalized note cards, personalized trays, personalized plates, personalized platters, personalized ice buckets, personalized ribbon, personalized napkins, personalized anything really.  I am sure you can understand why and we appreciate your cooperation.

Should something arrive damaged or defective, please notify us immediately.  We will accept damage or defective claims with 2 days of receiving the goods.  So, open that box as soon as you get it.  Call us or email us, and we will take care of it.


Monogramming & Personalization:

Monogramming and personalizing a gift certainly do make them extra special.  Pay close attention in the ordering section of the shopping cart to the initials that you are requesting.  Remember that items will specify to list initials as you wish them to appear.  Typically,  a monogram for a husband/wife has the couples last name as the larger middle initial.  For example, a platter for Mike and Christine Williard would be monogrammed as CWM.  By stationery etiquette standards, the gentleman is never separated from his last name.  So, it would be Christine and Michael Williard instead of Michael and Christine Williard.  Should a personalized product require an additional charge, you will be notified at the point of ordering.


Gifts and Gift Wrap:

Since we are a gift boutique, we hope that many of your purchases will be given to friends and family.  Please let us know in the comments section of the checkout and we will include a gift receipt to be given to the recipient. If we are shipping directly to the recipient and not to you, the buyer, let us know that too.  You can purchase a greeting card for the purchase that we will sign for you or we can use a standard For You From Sam gift tag for the present.  If contents need to be gift wrapped, please let us know that too at checkout and we will accommodate that as much as possible.  As mentioned previously, some products are not able to be gift wrapped as some ship directly from the manufacturer and some are of an awkward size or oversized shape.  For items that can be gift wrapped, we offer our gift wrapping for $5.00 per package.    We assure you that it is very elegant presentation for your gift.


Sales Tax:

Sales Tax will be collected for all purchases made by residents of the state of Ohio at the current rate for Franklin County.

Limitation of Liability: to follow…..