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"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”- John F Kennedy

For You From Sam - ChrisThe Great  Gift and Paper Co. is a boutique that has evolved from my brick and mortar store La Belle Maison.  First launched as Susabelle Boutique in 2012, The Great Gift and Paper Co. arose after I made a decision in the spring of 2015 to re-brand and re-name the store to be more reflective of my initial mission and purpose.  And the mission of The Great  Gift and Paper Co., a simply American made lifestyle boutique (the name Sam is an acronym for simply American made) is to eliminate the wild goose chase for Made in America products.  With just a few clicks, you can find home decor, gifts, baby clothes, wall art, stationery and so much more--ALL MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. With this re- branding, GA now reflects an Americana theme that better captures the goal of easy access to made in the USA goods and our commitment to American companies.

Please don't expect for this to be a site where you will find strictly patriotic themed gifts and decor. While you may find a few pieces of really cool Americana,  The Great Gift and Paper Co. is not about that.  The Great Gift and Paper Co. was created to show that the most beautiful items from picture frames with beautiful sparkles by New York manufacturer Bella Fiore to infant apparel made in the United States from the threads up by Paty, Inc. of Texas really do exist--all at reasonable prices.  This is just to name two of our favorite manufacturers. Our manufacturers actually employ people and have companies that can grow and hire more people if sales were to increase. Let GA be the one that debunks the myth that made in the USA products are more expensive. Take a look around--you will see that American made goods absolutely ROCK on all levels: price, quality, and looks.  Please note, and this is very important, we allow manufacturers that import pieces and parts to be on our website. We are not trying to tip the global economy off its axis.  We are committed to working with companies that bring jobs to Americans and and we are especially committed to those companies whose end product is manufactured here.  Some pieces and parts are no longer made in America and some pieces and parts never have been. Any product that is imported in any way will be duly noted as an exception. 

With all the noise in the media today about job loss, the economy, bringing America back and so on, I made it my job to actually  try to do something about it.  With over 15 years  of experience as a gift and home decor buyer, I knew that the best products are, quite simply, American made.  And now, here they are at your fingertips. I think you will quickly find that our carefully curated collection of goods on The Great Gift and Paper Co. are gifts and decor that you will be proud to give and the receiver sure to love.  I challenge you to look to Made in America first--because I really believe that we can make a difference and we really should at least try.

Kindest Regards,