Valentine's Day <3

Valentine's Day <3

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of being and ideal grace..."

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  Well, February is finally upon us. And amidst the ample snowfall, extreme temperatures and repeated school delays, the holiday devoted to love and affection is poised to defy the odds and arrive, right on schedule, and remind the world that somethings won’t let a little polar vortex dim their warmth.

  Although the actual holiday doesn’t fall until Thursday after next, I’ve been contemplating it for weeks now. Valentine’s Day is one of those amazing holidays that allows us to revel in the most powerful force for good in existence: love.

  Love lets us show the best of ourselves, but also allows us to reveal the best in other people.  Who doesn’t step a little lighter and smile a little more when they’ve been loved by someone else? Love brings out what is most beautiful in the world.

  Everyone feels loved in different ways; a thoughtful gift, an extra hour of time spent together, or even a simple thank you note can mean the world to someone and make them feel loved.

  Have you ever taken the love languages test? I have and ironically enough, gifts are one of my top love languages. So I, in the spirit of the holiday, thought I would share some of my top giftable finds from our shop. I braved the plentiful snow still blanketing our parking lot to snap some pictures in our shop today and I will say it was definitely worth it! I hope you and your loved ones enjoy these finds as much as I enjoy the already warming temperature :)

The lovely, floral notes in Lollia's "Breathe" fragrance suggest love, beauty, and a tasteful choice for someone special. My sister Caroline (who I will say has amazing taste) actually has the "Breathe" hand creme and loves it. So, sister approved! :)

Lollia "Breathe" Bath Salts {$14},"Breathe" Shower Gel {$22}, "Breathe" Eau De Parfum {$55},  and "Breathe" Perfumed Luminary Candle {$34}

Chive Porcelain Rose in Pink {$22}

Locally made with love, these wood-block decorative hearts add a homemade touch to any Valentine's Day gift selection. Use them to add a touch of sentiment to your home decor or to remind a loved one that they have your heart. Each piece is hand signed by the artist!

 Small Heart Block {$36}, Large Heart Block {$54}

With an array of lovely scents and unique styles, a hand-picked candle is a great way to remind your loved ones how special they are to you. Whether they prefer bolder scents like currant or watermelon mint or the classic floral charm of peony, all candles have a lasting burn time and make a thoughtful gift for someone special. 

Archipelago Botanicals "Currant"  Candle {$32} & "Peony" Candle {$32}, Simpatico Home Watermelon Mint Candle {$32},  Illume "Peony" Candle {$22}

And, in the spirit of the holiday, how could I not mention the classic Valentine? What better way to remind your loved ones that you than with good, old-fashioned snail-mail! Choose the perfect card, write your heart, and send it off with love!

Rifle Paper Co. Blank Cards and Matching Envelopes, Package of 8 {$18}, Rifle Paper Co. Holiday Postcards, Package of 10 {$10}   Curly Girl Design Notepad {$6.50}


All My Love,


Customer Service & Social Media Assistant at The Great Gift and Paper Co. <3


Quotation from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem "Sonnets from the Portuguese 43: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" via The Poetry Foundation 

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