Welcome to our home on Thanksgiving Day

Welcome to our home on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday.  This fourth Thursday of November event brings families together in a totally unadulterated way.  Coming together for the sake of giving thanks is, plain and simply, one of the best reasons I can think of to celebrate.  A prelude to the little fussier Christmas holiday, Thanksgiving just makes me happy.

Here is a peek around my home as I prepared to host our Thanksgiving 2015 family get together.  The day was delightful in every way.

My husband is one of nine children, so when we remodeled our home years ago, we converted our living room into an over sized dining room to host every event we can get our hands on. Entertaining is a joy for me and the more the merrier.

Since we were hosting 18 people, we needed two tables.  This is our breakfast room all set up with Thanksgiving flair.  Notice the panels of the Thibaut fabric.  It will be a sad day when I have to change out those draperies.  I love this fabric.

Fresh flowers and candlelight turn any table into a stunning masterpiece.  I added pink daisies to the table to bring a touch of pink in the seats of the chairs to the tabletop.  An unexpected punch of color on Thanksgiving, but it worked beautifully.  The sugared-fruit cornucopia has been a favorite for years.  I love the tradition of bringing this handmade centerpiece out each Thanksgiving.  

I know that we rush on to the next holiday, but I am not quite ready just yet.  I am spending the entire Friday still enjoying the Fourth Thursday.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family.  As you hit high gear for the Christmas season, I hope you will remember to spend a few dollars on American Made.  It matters. It really does.






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