A made in America Christmas.  Are you in?

A made in America Christmas. Are you in?

The holidays are ever so rapidly approaching.  For goodness sakes...next week is Turkey Day-which, btw, is my all time favorite holiday.  It really is time to get started on holiday shopping.  I hope you will join me in committing to spend a portion of your holiday budget on Made in the USA goods.  You will? Great! Well, guess what...we have made it so very easy for you.  Stay in your jammies on Black Friday and click away at www.greatgiftandpaper.com. You will be amazed at what you will find.  Not your typical made in America selection here.  No way!  We have curated the most beautiful selection of Made in America you will ever see for everyone on your list.



  Have you signed up for our emails?  We are sending out a Black Friday coupon code, so be sure to get on the distribution list. We are so glad you are joining us for a Made in the USA holiday 2015!

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